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Do You Have Text Neck?

The average person opens their phone 150 times a day. If you spend a lot of time sending out texts or other messages, you may develop a problem known as “Text Neck”. Being on a phone or tablet may cause you to bend your neck forward and having your head follow it. This puts pressure and strain on your neck, and this can result in a number of frustrating problems. When you text or message for many hours a day, it can cause a lot of shoulder, neck pain, and other symptoms such as headaches. It can also start to affect other areas of your health. Breathing and digestion are the most common of these areas affected. If you are on your phone a lot and think that you might have text neck because of your neck pain, seek out chiropractic care. Call us at our office in Nampa, ID. Neck pain can be a serious problem in your life, and chiropractic adjustments often help relieve it. Dr Key at Key Chiropractic and Wellness Centers are here to help.


Leaning Forward

As mentioned earlier; sending a lot of time on a phone or tablet and sending messages throughout the day is becoming more and more common. When you engage in this behavior, you are likely leaning forward, and your head is in an awkward position. Text neck is the result of this. This type of posture can cause neck pain, cervical pain, and shoulder pain. You could also get chronic headaches. This issue comes down to all of the pressure that this position places on the neck. Even if you're only leaning your head forward by a small amount, your neck is then forced to bear more pressure. In fact, every 1/4 inch your head moves in front of your shoulders you apply approx. 20% more stress on all the muscles, joints, and ligaments of your upper back and neck. This can then lead your neck to get sore and stiff. 

The pain of text neck can be felt in the neck, but it can also radiate into other areas like your head, arms, and shoulders. The pain itself can be sharp or dull, and it may be felt in one small area or in a far larger area. The pain is often felt in the bottom portion of the neck. In addition to the pain, you may also have shoulder muscle weakness.

See Our Chiropractor

Chiropractic care such as chiropractic adjustments can help reverse this condition. Give Dr Key a call at our office in Nampa, ID. “Text Neck” is something that can be solved with the right kind of help. It can be a smart choice to see a chiropractor to get care that can help to relieve the pain. Call us at (208) 965-2128 to get your complimentary posture evaluation @ Key Chiropractic and Wellness Centers.

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