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Welcome to Key Chiropractic and Wellness Centers in Nampa, ID

Dr. Steven Key, a certified chiropractic sports physician, is our chiropractor behind the Key Chiropractic and Wellness Centers in Nampa, ID. Dr. Key offers several services, and these can be discussed on your first visit after an examination and your input on any health concerns that you may have.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Other Services Offered

If chiropractic care is new to you and you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak to one of our experienced staff members who will quickly put you at ease prior to your first appointment. Chiropractic adjustments and other services offered can be viewed under the services tab on the website. You will also find information about our facility under the About Us and Virtual Tour tab. Under the “Blog” tab you will find several articles to read through. You can also sign-up for our newsletter to keep you on top of things. To learn more about our chiropractor, Dr. Key, and his amazing wellness team and how they can help others improve their wellness be sure to click on the “Testimonials” section.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor

We use chiropractic care to treat our patients. This care in non-addictive, all natural, and non-invasive. We us a whole-body approach at our practice. This means that we will look for the root cause of your symptoms instead of just stopping at the symptoms themselves. Once we find the root cause, we can help provide true healing and longer lasting relief from your pain. Other types of medicine will just prescribe you painkillers which can be addictive and have other bad side effects. These painkillers might also only mask the pain and not solve the underlying issue. This means that you could be on painkillers for a long time and not see any improvement. At our practice, we will seek to treat you condition using holistic methods and not just cover it up.

Meet Our Doctor and His Team

If you are in the area and looking for a certified chiropractic sports physician, stop by to discuss how we can best help you on your path to wellness. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can give us a call at (208) 965-2128. We at Key chiropractic and Wellness Centers in Nampa, ID are here to help you achieve your wellness goals.


  • ""I always feel better after my visit ""
    William C.
  • "Thank you Dr. Keys for taking the time to explain and give examples to my family on the benefits of taking care you their body. I love the example; "My teeth are not in pain, but I brush them as a preventative method". Our take away was very enlightening and encouraging. We will be back!"
    Vennessa A.
  • "Not only does Dr. Key care about your health & fitness but one's wellness. Weither nutrition, working out or recovery he is your go to Chiro for it all."
    Yutaka R.
  • "I have known Dr.key for over 10 years since my sister started going to him. At first I was skeptipcal that a chiropractor was actually effective, and then two years ago I got into a car accident. Ever since then I have beeng going to Dr.key, because my body has never felt better. Not only is Dr.key skilled in chiropractic, but he is knowledable on nutrition, and healthcare. Going to see Dr.key is like getting a triple combo for the visit of one. Please keep being you Dr.Key."
    Jackie H.
  • ""Visit was thorough after relating was ailing me - right side of back and right shoulder. I felt relieved - back pain gone and shoulder tightness also relieved.
    All in all, i felt like I should gone the week before or even earlier""
    Milo M.
  • ""My appointments with Dr. Key have left such a positive effect on my life. I came for physical care, but I did not expect his insightful positivity to trickle into my life. Not only does he radiate with healthy energy, he represents what he teaches. Dr. Key goes above and beyond to make sure that you are able to implement those practices in your life. The alignment is top notch, but what will always end up helping patients more is what someone that actually believes in your care.
    Thank you!!""
    Charlo E.
  • "Dr.Key was able to point out the areas in my body that had discomfort. He also was able to adjust and fix the problem right away. After that he gave me helpful advices to follow so I can have a healthy life."
    Johnuel C.
  • ""Dr. Key is patient, loving, caring, treats his clientele like family & truly has a genuine heart for others. It shows through his work. I have been seeing Dr. Key on & off for a decade now. He never once treated me any different.
    His understanding and implementations of the whole body whether it's nutrition, physiological, psychology, or biomechanics. He is YOUR go-to chiropractor. I am truly amazed & blessed to have a leader like him in my life. Mahalo
    Yutaka R.
  • "I had a terrible back pain and ended up finding out a few other things to fix. I could feel some difference in the first 5 sessions and have been getting better ever since."
  • "Dr. Key has helped me for well over a year now. He does an excellent job with spinal adjustments and has helped me with better nutrition including weight management (Isagenix products). I also have emotional issues and he has a device that uses light to help with healthy brain rhythms. It helps me obtain a calm state of mind. I highly recommend him for back problems and beyond."
    Joel /Meg H.
  • "Dr key is a very caring person and highly recommended! Been with him for over 10 years and has really helped my back."
    Paul R.
  • "I always leave that place feeling a lot better and more relaxed … and always with some very helpful / health-ful information."
    Milo M.
  • "Dr. Key has a knack for using the right technique for just the right situation. Other chiropractors and therapists have a small set of “tools” at their disposal, but Dr. Key has studied so many different non-invasive medical procedures which he can employ. Our newborn baby’s first outing is to Dr. Key, yet we trust him with the most stubborn of degenerative back and neck issues and infrequent but incredibly painful sports injuries. He is personable and well-informed. Highly recommended."
    Michael D.
  • "Dr. Key is knowledgeable and personable. He not only adjusted me; he taught me how not to see him by taking care of myself. He took the time to explain body mechanics. After the adjustment, I felt immediate relieve with my pain. This probably due to the laser therapy he used. Anyway, he is a great doctor."
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Key for about 6 months, possibly more. The first thing I noticed about him is that he is very personable. I liked him almost immediately. When I first came, my back was stiff and way out of alignment. It took a little time but I am much better aligned now. And he has helped me also with weight loss with the Isagenix program. I also bought orthotic shoes at his suggestion to help my back stay in alignment. He is very knowledgeable, I highly recommend him."
    Joel H.
  • "Chiropractic adjustments absolutely work when administered by Dr. Key. When he adjusts Caydance, our I60 lb. Irish Wolfhound, her neck pain is gone and she is smiling and wagging her tail! You can't fool a dog. He is an amazing, gifted person."
    Kim C.
  • "Steven Key is one of the most knowledgeable people that I've ever met about the body and taking care of yourself. However, he understands priorities and works with you where ever you are at. He taught me a lot about taking care of my body and has helped me to keep playing sports till the end of the season and now is helping me to recover from the damage that playing accrued. Truly, a fantastic individual."
    Nicholas A.
  • "Every time I go for an adjustment, I feel relieved and relaxed, gaining back some motions that help my golf game."
    Milo M.
  • "Dr. Key is very knowledgeable about health and chiropractic treatment. He is also gentle and a good conversationalist. And he will listen to you. He really want's to help people."
    Joel H
  • "It's always a great experience at "The Back Yard". The atmosphere is so tranquil and soothing. Just what you need when being adjusted. Dr. Key's personality makes it even better, he's always upbeat and positive I feel so much better when I leave there."
    Rick S.
  • "Doesn't just run through the same routine on every patient. He works with you to find out what the best treatment for you is."
  • "Wonderful guy, very knowledgeable & cuttin edge. An honest man and a great man with integrity. Awesome"
    Yutaka R
  • "Had a neck injury and couldn't move my neck and had to miss work so I went to Dr. Keys and he got me back to work very quickly and go to him regularly now to get adjusted and never felt better I recommend him to anyone that has back or neck injury or that just need to be adjusted"
    Brett C
  • "Have a sprain in my neck and Dr.keys has done a miracle on getting me back to work as soon as possible"
    Brett C
  • ""Left Arm movement was without pain right after the treatment with ""light"" apparatus.
    Felt body relief in areas where adjustment was made; able to perform golf swing with increased ease and more span""
    Milo M.
  • "Dr. Key has been very helpful to our whole family. He cares about an individual's overall health & not just a quick pain fix. He is interested in finding the root source of a problem so that the body can heal as a whole. He offers many different types of services as well as adjusting techniques to meet a person's needs and comfort level. Very well scheduled. He is excellent with kids! Very patient, and makes the experience fun for"
    Katie D
  • "After 1 - 2 years without chiropractic care, I returned to Dr. Key. I have had the most stressful 7 months and my body was in constant pain. I finally had the time to make an appointment with my chiropractor, Dr. Key. In 1 visit, I feel so much better. My entire back is not tight and in pain and I'm able to walk easier again. There's more treatment needed, and I am looking forward to my next appointment."
  • "Dr. Key provides professional and friendly chiropractic service that is effective for the whole family. Where physical therapy through our medical provider has not been effective, Dr. Key has corrected mobility issues and removed pain. Thank you!"
    Cody G.
  • "My search for a Chiropractor ended 12 years ago when a friend recomended Dr. Key to me. I've recieved so much knowledge of A total health and fitness lifestyle. Dr. Keys clients are not numbers to him but real special people that he truly professionally care about. I recommend him very highly, satisfaction guaranteed."
    Ida H.
  • "Since utilizing health and wellness services from Dr. Key I have improved my day to day functionality significantly. I rarely use pain killers and have less aches and pains that stemmed from years of being out kid alignment in my body."
    La Toya H
  • "Went for a sports physical and Dr. Key gave me so much helpful advice. He wasn't rushed and he also was able to adjust my neck and back. Coming back again!"
    Madison M.
  • ""First time getting an athletic Physical from Dr. Key. Although it's just a simple physical exam, doctor Key is friendly and checked posture and made great recommendations.

    Highly recommended.""
    Josephine N
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Key off and on for over 10 years whenever I've had issues flare up. He has always been able to quickly get me back on track no matter what my ailment. This time was my first visit to his new Backyard office and I was very impressed with the welcoming and tranquil environment. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Aloha!"
    Steve C
  • "Key Chiropractor is affordable and efficient. I felt comfortable in engaging in converstaion with my doctor and also gave me informational insight on how I can fix posture and so forth so that i can improve as an athlete."
    Grace C.
  • "Excellent Professional life- changing care for over 12 years. Dr. Key has been a life-saver for not only me but two of my children who had been suffering with back and knee pain for years. We're all living busy active lives now. I Recommend Dr Key, he's the best. He ministeres to the whole person, mind body and spirit physically mentally and nutritionally. His warm caring personality adds even more comfort and confidence to the excellent professional care he provides. Thank you"
    Ida H.
  • "Every time I meet Dr Key, my body will be off balance and something is bothering me. During his adjustment visits, I always learn something new since he's a very knowledgeable doctor and I always walk out feeling lighter and better than I walked in!"
    Christine E.
  • "My experience with my regular visits to Dr. Key have been so beneficial and rewarding, I felt much better just after a couple of treatments. He is fabulous, caring and makes sure you are completely well before he dismiss you. I'm so thankful and grateful to find him to take care of me. God bless him continuously."
    Roxana F
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Key for 10 years. I credit his excellent care and professional Nutritional guidelines and support to my being in great health physically mentally and emotionally. Dr. Keys Winning Warm caring Professional Personality has been a major part of my continual health and strength because, I trust him as a client because he really cares about his clients. To of my adult children have also become very grateful happy healthier Client's. I recommend Dr. Key to everyone."
    Ida H.
  • "I started coming to Dr. Key in the Spring of 2014. At the time I had several issues - my neck, my lower back and down to my knees and feet. I started feeling relief right away and after a few months, my visits were less frequent until I was in a maintenance mode. I stopped going for a while, came back and after my first visit I was already feeling alot of relief. Dr. Key gives great advice about exercise and diet and I always leave feeling like a million bucks!"
    Lynn B.
  • "Excellent service as always! Dr. Key is very knowledgeable about the body and alignment. He really impressed my college age son who is studying exercise science!"
    Renee R.
  • "Dr. Key, has done a phenomenal job on caring for my injuries sustained in a car accident. I was rear-ended in May 2012. His care has been a life saver! You won't go wrong with using Key Chiropractic he brings a unique style and not using traditional medicated care. I love not having to take pain-killers. He keeps me on my feet, moving, and staying mobile over all."
    Margaret J.
  • "Dr. Key adjustment not only released me from pinching nerve pain; he also helped me build good muscle memory. I now see him at least monthly for maintenance of good posture and hence retain good muscle memory."
    Christina C
  • "I was a chiropractic skeptic before I started seeing Dr. Key 5 or 6 years ago. The pain in my lower back and left leg is MUCH more manageable after seeing him once a month. He's also been a great resource for our family on wellness and nutrition - my wife and I joke that hes our spiritual guru. He's always smiling and always puts in the time to talk and find out what's new in your life; just a thoughtful, positive person."
    Peter D.
  • ""Dr. Key is optimistic, well informed, and caring. He makes the most of the scheduled time to suss out where you are in pain, then physically fixes you... But before you go, he is right there with you to find the next steps to making and maintaining good health habits!

    I've achieved many health and life goals with his counsel and adjustments!""
    Christian S.
  • "Dr Keys is a very good Chriro. I came in with severe back pains and couldnt sleep at night without dosing up on 800-1000mg of ibuprofen. I now sleep through the night without any issues. Highly recommend Dr Keys Service. He is friendly, knowledgable, and is super flexible to my demanding schedule."
    Duy P
  • "Dr. Key is very knowledgable. He can address many different areas of your body and your lifestyle. He explains everything his treatment involves and helps you understand how your body works. After less than 3 months I am pain free!"
    Mary F
  • ""Just what the body ordered ...
    Got immediate results and relief ...
    Better day and week ... and month ...

    Don't forget ...
    Adjustment - Adjustment - Adjustment ...
    The body needs it ...
    Milo M.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Key for over a year and have had an amazing experience every time. I had some long term issues that have basically disappeared and get relief from whatever current issue appears as well as great advice on how to maintain my spinal and alignment health. Plus, Dr. Key's personal approach is incredibly positive and encouraging. I highly recommend Key Chiropractic to everyone."
    Curtis B.
  • "Nothing in my body has been the same in the last 10 years of having Dr. Key help keep me strong and healthy. I am more vibrant and stronger today than 10 years ago, and feel great. I recommend him to everyone."
    Ida H.
  • "Before seeing Dr. Key, I had a couple of previous experiences with Chiropractic care that were not very satisfying. Once I began seeing Dr. Key, I got incredible results and continue to do so. Dr. Key is very kind and easy to talk with, and gives advice that is easy to follow and has been very effective. After living with several issues for many years I had little hope of ever receiving relief but I have been so pleased at the improvements, it is beyond what I could have hoped for."
    Curtis B.
  • "Dr. KEY IS THE MOST PATIENT GENTLE PROFESSIONAL AND ACCURATE DR I've ever experienced. I highly recomend him to everyone In need of Chriopractic help."
    Ida H
  • "Dr Key is great & very relateable and cares about your issues, even gives me stretches to do at home so I'm not in pain. Very affordable and convenient."
    Melissa P.
  • "Dr. Key is an excellent chiropractor who has treated a number of my physical pains, including headaches, back pain, and even other issues that I didn't come in for originally. He has helped to significantly improve my mind and body's overall well being. Furthermore, Dr. Key genuinely cares about his patients, is very open, and always has a friendly and cheery disposition, which makes him easy to approach and the atmosphere extremely pleasant."
    Sharon H
  • "After trying 2 other Chiropractors in the past, I discovered Dr. Key and have received amazing relief for shoulder and hip problems that go back over 30 years. It has been a truly fantastic experience! I encourage anyone, or everyone, to try Key Chiropractic."
    Bessette C.
  • "I all but given up in trying to feel better. Dr, Key has changed all of that. I feel my body being more flexible and the pains and aches that seem went on forever is beginning to disappear."
    Tom L.
  • "Dr. Key has been a powerful part of my life for the past 8 plus years. I owe much of my physical and mental well being to his great wisdom, knowledge and professionalism in treating his patients not as another number, but as individuals. I would recomend him to everybody and anybody proudly."
    Ida H.
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Key for over 15 yrs. One thing that I really like about him is he only has you come in as often as you really need to, to keep you healthy. You're not just a number with him."
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Key for over 8 years. He does great work, is always friendly and helpful, and has helped me through some rough injuries. And on top of all that, he's a great guy!"
    Mike W.
  • "I took my family to Disneyland and got jostled around a bit. But one trip to see Dr. key, and me and my daughter are all better again."
    Natalie B
  • "I was injured in car accident a while back and I was going to P.T. and Acupuncturist I was not getting better. My Acupuncturist recommend me to Dr. Key, I went to him after the first month I felt much better. I continue to see him, and I got better. I'm very happy with Dr. Key's care."
    Arlene P
  • "Dr Key knows his stuff and cares about each of his patients. He asks and listens to what you have to say about your health and treats you accordingly. The doctor has a great attitude which is just as healing as his adjustments. I've managed to avoid back surgery and be a lot more active thanks to Dr. Key's therapy. Worth every penny! And his rates are very reasonable."
    Chris W
  • "My physical health and overall quality of life has much improved since I began to see Dr. Key in July of 2011. I've learned a lot from him and my initial main problem, a very weak ankle, has much improved with Dr. Key's adjustments and guidance. I ran my first full marathon on December 18, 2011--a goal I've had for the last five years but didn't think I would ever achieve because of my ankle. I'm also hooked on isogenix shakes and I'm inspired by Dr. Key's awesome approach to life."
    Perlita D.
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Steven Key for over 5 years. Before I started going to him I have used 5 other chiropractors and Dr. Key is the most knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend Dr. Key for anyone who is suffering from back pain. He gets 5 stars form me!!!"
    James R
  • "Great Dr. friendly, and always resolves my back issues. Always gives me advise on how to correct my posture. Dr. Key is a great Dr. I highly recommend him"
    Adriana P.
  • "Dr Key takes time to listen and understand what the problem is. He has always zeroed in on the pain with his adjustments. My husband and I have been patients of his for the past several years and recommend him highly."
  • "Dr. Key shares his experience and knowledge with us, which is very helpful. I appreciate his enthusiasm for maintaining maximum health, as he encourages us."
    Natalie & Kristina B.
  • "Amy experience so far has been positive. I have only had two sessions. I Am convinced that I will be helped by more appointments. when I have finished this group sessions I will know more about the results. Grey is spelled will an "a""
  • "I was a patient of Dr. Key's on Maui for over 10 years and now that I live in Walnut Creek, I will drive to see him for my monthly adjustments! He is not only a great chiropractor but cares about your overall health and well being...way to go Doc...Mahalo nui loa!"
    Carol D.
  • "Dr. Key has been my chiropractor for many years, both on Maui and in California. Before Steve moved his practice to California, I saw many other chiroprators and NONE of them was as skilled. He has a wealth of wellness knowledge and I trust him with all areas of my care. Thanks Steve!"
    Nicole L.
  • "Dr. Key is down to earth and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend his office!"
    Trent H.
  • "I've been going to Dr. Key for chiropractic care for the past 6 years. He offers more than just adjustment of my alignment but holistic care, includes helping me to understand the importance of proper posture, eating habit and dietary supplement in maintaining healthy overall well being. He is caring and kind. I really appreciate his positive outlook about life."
    G. K.

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